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Apr. 10th, 2014


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Floating on Clouds - Brooke Shaden

You're gonna carry that weight...

Oct. 10th, 2008

B&W Arms crossed

Mab's Apartment

Jul. 26th, 2008

Quietly Pleased

Mab's Weaponry

Mab regularly wears a double holster for her guns. Left side is a revolver. She uses it rarely.
Right Side is her normal gun is the 9mm Military and Police. If she draws, it can be assumed that she is pulling this one.

She never takes apart both guns at once, though she is meticulous about keeping them clean, and she does take them out behind the office to shoot at least once a week.

She doesn't usually carry her sword. Instead, she keeps it behind her desk in her office. She can occasionally be seen cleaning it, but she tends to do that when no one else is around.
Her sword is a Hand-and-a-Half Sword, almost 3&1/2 feet long (Pommel to Point).

{The replica is listed as 2lbs, A real one would be around there, but possibly heavier. I'm gonna figure that to Mab the sword is light enough to wield and excellently balanced. To anyone else it might not be. Not like God-Sword or anything, but it was a gift from The Faerie Queen. It's got to have some blessing!}

Apr. 27th, 2008


Anngewish Reports: First Responders

Report: First RespondersCollapse )

Mar. 20th, 2008


(OOC - Sheriff's Building)

The Downstairs:
Front Porch-
Large and up a couple steps, almost as wide as the building. An old can full of dead cigarette butts sits on the railing next to one of the support poles. A wooden sign is attached to the wall next to the door. It reads, rather simply, "Sheriff's Office"
As you come in the door- A string of small bells hangs off of the door.
Across from the door and slightly to the right is a desk. Behind that is the door to Mab's office, and to the left of that door is the exposed front of the holding cell. There are two hallways to either side leading back into the building and away from the front room. To the left the short one that leads to the stairs up. On the right, the one that leads to the stairs down where the overnight cell is.
The Upstairs:
Once through the door to the apartment, to the immediate left is the bathroom. The hallway takes a sharp right after that, Directly across from the stairway door is a low table (which seems to be the catch-all for newspapers, jackets and the like) under a black and white print of a woman with fairy wings standing in a forest clearing. The hall leads back around and into the kitchen.
It is small, not intended for someone who cooks more than the essentials. The coffee maker holds a spot of honor.
Leading off of that is the living room. It is the largest room, and is obviously the most lived in. Couch, easy chair, coffee table, book cases, stereo system, etc.
Bedroom leads off of the living room. Door is almost always shut if there is company over.

Of note: For as serious a smoker as Mab seems, there are no ashtrays in the upstairs.
B&W Pleased

(OOC - First Rough Description)

our claimed perfume: Queen Mab
Character name: Mab Devarn
Occupation: Ex-Private Investigator, Vigilante, Come to town to take up vacant Sheriff's position
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Cautious, at first....
Back story: Mab would have fit in a thousand years ago, running through the forests and plains of Ireland, destroying those in her way, and ruling what still stood. More suited for the life of a warrior queen than that of anything else, Mab had some problems growing up.
In her late teens though she found something she was good at -figuring things out. She was taken under the wing of the local sheriff, who taught her much about law enforcement, protecting herself, and taking care of others. She taught him a bit about investigation and dedication. As any little lost teenage girl might, she loved him. Not just as a father figure, but as something more than that. In her eyes, he could do no wrong, that is until the day she found out he was using his position to abuse the people in their community, and she killed him with his own revolver.
Since then, Mab has been quieter. More dedicated to her calling. She will not let herself care for an individual anymore, only for her ideals and duty.
Strengths and weaknesses: Mab is committed to what she believes is right. There is no good and evil in her world anymore, just right and wrong. This allows her judgment to be more impartial. She is a good observer and often sees what others don't, be it in a person, or at a scene. However, on the inside she is still the little lost girl, who feels betrayed and alone in the world. It takes all of her will to cover that up some days.
Business pursuits in Excolo: Sheriff, and since the law of the land is no longer what it was, she tends to be a bit of a vigilante.